Questions and answers

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1. Is there an age limit for participation?

No, there is no age limit.

An earlier version of the competition text mentioned "students, early graduates and young researchers". They are our intended audience, but in fact there are no restrictions regarding the competitors age.

2. Is there a minimum or maximum number of team members?

No. The number of members in a team is not restricted in any way. Individual participants and large teams are equally welcome to participate.

3. Is there a vectorial topographical plan (DWG or PDF) with more urban details about the intervention area?

Unfortunately, there is no other available plan, other than the ones contained within the Competition Toolkit. However, you are encouraged to use any other available information, such as vectors exported from the OpenStreetMap Project.

4. Should participants work with a specific software in order to open and use the provided files with of various types (.tfw, .dbf, .prj, .sbn, .sbx, .shp, .shx)?

These file formats are used by software working with a Geographical Information System (GIS). You can open them by using proprietary software, such as ArcGIS (ESRI), GeoMedia (InterGraph), AutoCAD Map 3D (Autodesk), or by using open source software, such as QGIS or similar software. There are no requirements, however, concerning which software to use when elaborating your proposal, as long as it follows the submission requirements detailed in Chapter 8 within the Design Brief (pp. 15f.).